Future of Real Estate in Latin America

LatAm OceanRE, Ltd. will  acquire a large volume of Beachfront Real Estate throughout Latin America. LatAm OceanRE, Ltd. prides itself with a dynamic and efficient management team that has extensive experience in business, real estate, investment, finance, IT and law and enjoys close business links with many influential leaders in Mexico.


For investors around the world, real estate has long been considered a source of significant, stable return. The popularity of real estate investment is undeniable given its annual worldwide transaction volume of approximately US$660 billion, a figure that is steadily rising. All in all, the total wealth stored in real estate is estimated to run into the trillions of dollars.

Unfortunately, vast amounts of capital are typically required to invest in real estate with the objective of realizing above-average return on investment – so much so that this asset class is out of reach for most individuals. Even for those investors who have the necessary capital, conventional methods of investing in real estate are fraught with inefficiency and disadvantages. Firstly, in addition to paying several middlemen for their services, the many vagaries of local regulation and taxation make it difficult for individual investors to realize reasonable returns. Secondly, real estate investments are relatively illiquid, meaning that invested capital is not easily accessible in the short term. Thirdly, the real estate business is by nature a local affair, an obstacle that many investors fail to consider. Local marketplace knowledge is essential to gain access to high-quality deal flow. Without knowledge of a given locale’s specific conditions and constraints, the potential for return on investment is severely limited while the risk skyrockets. That places investors in the dreaded position of obtaining lower returns at higher risk.

Targeted Property for Acquisition

Located along the Mexican Riviera


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