Management Team

The project team consists of the specialists of different fields that are essential for successful project development. Starting from world class most experienced architects, builders, financiers and ending with gambling, movie and entertainment industry professionals. Currently team consists of the following professionals:

  • Jonathan Q. Loeb / Marriott Resorts
  • Johnny Ray / Marriott Resorts
  • Andrew Grant / Grant Leisure
  • Michael Musick / AT&T Donald Davidson / Real Estate Consulting
  • Elliott Borin / The best writer in the worldJohn Sterling / Founder of THE JAZZ NETWORK TV Program
  • Igor Jijikine / Russian American Actor, and adviser to Steven Spielberg
  • Sharunya Galickate / Movie Producer and Director
  • Tom Brennan / Master of Internet Marketing
  • Sasha Schapiro / Movie Production Warner Brothers
  • Paublo Bezquin / Founder of Oceanus International
  • Jonathan Kruer / Heavy Construction
  • Christian Epp / Tilke Engineering. Director of Americas. Development
  • and Implementation of Formula ONE Racetrack Facilities
  • Analiy Myagkoustoupov / Aces of Acts (circus entertainment)
  • Vladik Myagkoustoupov / Cirque De Soleil
  • Michael Matson / expert in the area of architectural ornamentation


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