Contributing Companies

The multi-disciplined Grant Leisure team has expertise in providing a wide range of services across a variety of leisure projects. Our international experience in developing culturally sensitive, feasible and profitable visitor attractions means that we are able to provide our clients with cutting edge leisure ideas from around the world. More than three decades of leisure consultancy have taught us what works, the pitfalls to avoid and the opportunities that should be seized.

We provide a turn key solution to Governments, Tourism Industry, and Environmental Institutions to Coastal Erosion and Flood Control. Our team is formed by an international group of academics and professionals,  that come together to define unique solutions. Using the tools required to define the vulnerability for Coastlines, to Climate Change, Sand Dredging, Coastal Erosion and Flood, we provide a range of solutions that combine, detailed engineering, that uses state of the art technologies with novel products, some tailored and invented for each site, with the objective of fulfilling all requirements by authorities. These products range from Geocylinders®, Hydrocylinders®, Plastic Gavions, Modular Artificial Reefs AMA®, and others, which in combination with a defined sand budget, and a proper maintenance plan, can attain an environmentally sound, long term, self sustaining solution for our clients infrastructure.


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