Boca de Tomates

Bahia de Banderas, Jalisco

Location Description

This land is the last land within the state of Jalisco, in the Bay of Bandera, being the second largest bay in the world, bordering the Lerma River and the international airport of Puerto Vallarta within Bahia de Banderas.

It has 1.5 km of beach, ideal to make Film Studio, 3,000 rooms resort, Casino and villas because it is connected to the new highway that will be completed this 2019 that connects Guadalajara, to Puerto Vallarta in only 2.5 hrs with all the surrounding cities of Bahia as They are: Queretaro Aguas Calientes, San Miguel de Allende, San Luis Potosi, Celaya and more.

Giving way to 20 million inhabitants including the 8 million of Guadalajara, making Puerto Vallarta the main destination for all these people since it is considered the second most important tourist destination in Mexico, ideal terrain for a Las Vegas Type Casino & film studio, 3,000 room resort & villas.


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